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Skibike ski leash attached to rear Lenz Sport Ripper

Skibike ski leash attached to front Lenz Sport Ripper

Runaway skibike skis happen.  I'm embarrassed  to say it has happened to me.  I didn't check the screws that held the skis on one morning.  Next thing I know, my back ski is taking off down the slope.   It is not easy to find a ski in the woods in 3 feet of fresh powder.  I was lucky it didn't hit anyone on that ski slope either.

Most states require devices to prevent runaway skis.  Skibikes are new territory.  These are an essential skibike safety device.

These skibike leashes will fit any Lenz Sport skibike ski.  With modifications, they can be fitted to any snow bike or skibob.

These leashes are sold in pairs.  One for the front ski and one for the back ski.

100% polyester webbing construction.  Brass grommet for attachment to ski.  Webbing loop for attachment to skibike frame.  Black color.   15 inch length from end to end.

Price $15 / pair

Skibike Ski Leashes

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