Skibike Leashes for on-slope and the chairlift

Many ski resorts require the use of ski bike leashes.  The rules are not uniform.  Some require them while riding the chairlift, others for riding the slopes.  The most draconian ski areas require one to be used at all times.

Unless one is using a ski bike with three skis or fat powder skis, runaway equipment really is a non-issue.  Ski areas don't always understand this and state laws can require devices to prevent runaway equipment. Colorado still requires leashes on snowboards by state law.

Leashes are more important while riding the chairlift.  A bike dropped from a lift and falling on a person below could have serious consequences, even death.  Depending on how the leash is used while on the lift could also result in the rider being pulled off if the bike drops.  Skibikes are heavier than skis or snowboards.

The leashes for sale come in two categories.   On-slope use only and for on-slope and chairlift use. 

Length is measured from loop end to loop end.  Allow enough room for attachment.  Excess length can snag on obstacles.

Skibiking, snowboarding, and skiing are risk filled sports.  Leash user assumes all responsibility for use.

On- slope only use Leashes

Single piece construction.

Made from one inch non-weight rated nylon webbing.

Single oversize plastic buckle for glove end.

Loop for bike attachment.

Not designed for chairlift safety use.  Design is not weight-rated.

29 or 36 inches in length.  Custom lengths available.

Can also be used as a snowboard leash.

Colors:  Black.

Price: $12.00 +  plus shipping.  Free local pickup.

Colorado residents add 2.9 % tax


(Style1) - Chairlift and On-slope use Leash and Carrying Strap (pad not included)

Two piece construction.  Wrist attachment unit and detachable leash with carabiner. 

Use entire unit for on-slope.  Attach wrist unit to bike frame for use as a carrying strap.

Use leash + carabiner only for attaching to chairlift while riding it.

Wrist unit with stainless ring. 

Leash has loop on one end for bike attachment.  Just thread the leash through the loop to attach to bike part.

Leash made from 1 inch Bluewater Ropes Climb-Spec webbing with Tensile Strength of 4,000 lbf. (17.7 kN).  CE and UIAA Certified.

CAMP Photon Wire carabiner. 

Weight drop-tested from 3 feet using 35 lbs. 

Not designed for skibikes weighing more than 35 lbs.

Not to be exposed to prolonged UV light.  The webbing and stitching degrade in UV light.

Do not use wrist unit on chairlift.   Rider could be dragged off chairlift if bike drop occurs.

29 inch or 36 inches in length.  Custom lengths available to 46 inches.

Colors:  Black, Bright Yellow, Orange, Purple. All webbing is weight rated.

Price: $ 40.00  + shipping.  Free local pickup.      

Colorado residents add 2.9 % tax



(Style 2)  Chairlift and On-slope use Padded Leash and Carrying Strap -  designed by Devin Lenz (modeling it)

This carrying pad and strap system was designed by Devin Lenz of Lenz Sport Skibikes. It features a combination skibike leash with a weight rated carabiner that can be used on the chairlift.   A remove-able pad is small enough that it can be stored in a pocket while one is out on the ski slopes.

The webbing used is Bluewater Ropes Climb-Spec webbing with Tensile Strength of 4,000 lbf. (17.7 kN).  CE and UIAA Certified..  The webbing can be attached to the frame in a variety of ways to get the right height.  The carabiner allows versatile attachment points.   The carabiner has a wide gate mouth to allow more chairlift attachment options.

The pad comes in dark blue, red, and black colors.  It measures approximately 8.5 inches long by 4.5 inches wide.  It contains dense closed cell foam backed by a plastic stiffener so it will not dig into your shoulder.  The top of the pad utilizes hook and loop construction so that it can be quickly removed or attached to the carrying strap leash. 

The carrying strap leash is approximately 54 inches long from loop end to loop end.  It has a loop on one end for your wrist and a loop for a carabiner on the other for chairlift attachment.  Comes with a  Camp Photon wire carabiner.  Leash made from black Bluewater Ropes weight rated webbing.

Price $35 + applicable taxes and shipping


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