Carrying Straps & Pads

Transport to the ski base area

Skibike carrying systems - I'm talking velcro on-off padded straps.  Skibikes can be heavy and the base area can be a long way away while carrying a bike.   Skid the ski bases on dirt and rocks and you'll be buying a tune job or new skis in a hurry.  Protect those ski bases.

Like most women, I have no upper body strength.  Carrying a 30 lb bike isn't easy for me.  I've tried a number of methods to get my skibike from the truck to the ski base area.  People I've talked to face similar carrying issues.  My products cover those who like to use a padded carrying strap and those who like to carry their skibike over their shoulder using a frame pad.

Padded Skibike Frame Pad -coming soon.  I have the prototype made.

Perfect for those who like to sling their skibikes over their shoulder.   This pad will prevent that nasty purple shoulder bruise from developing.  It uses hook and loop (velcro) to attach around the frame.   Leave it on or off while riding.  Fits 2" down tubing found on the Lenz Sport Launch.   Comes in small or large size.   Additional downtube sizes upon request at no additional charge.


Padded Skibike Carrying Strap with chairlift leash

This carrying pad and strap system was designed by Devin Lenz of Lenz Sport Skibikes. It features a combination skibike leash with a weight rated carabiner that can be used on the chairlift.   A remove-able pad is small enough that it can be stored in a pocket while one is out on the ski slopes.

The webbing used is a heavy duty nylon.  The webbing can be attached to the frame in a variety of ways to get the right height.  The carabiner allows versatile attachment points.   The carabiner has a wider mouth to allow more chairlift attachment options.

The pad comes in dark blue, red, and black colors,  It measures approximately 8.5 inches long by 4.5 inches wide.  It contains dense closed cell foam backed by a plastic stiffener so it will not dig into your shoulder.  The top of the pad utilizes hook and loop construction so that it can be quickly removed or attached to the carrying strap leash. 

The carrying strap leash is approximately 54 inches long from loop end to loop end.  It has a loop on one end for your wrist and a loop for a carabiner on the other for chairlift attachment.  Comes with a GM Climbing wire gate carabiner. Rated 24 Kn open and 7 Kn  closed.  Leash made from black nylon webbing.

Price $35 + applicable taxes and shipping


Pad Only for Carrying leash

Just need the removeable pad to protect your shoulder?  Comes in a stock dark blue color.   $25 + applicable taxes and shipping.


Commercial Padded Carrying Strap

I found one solution on the shelves of the local thrift store.  While they failed as a method for carrying skis, two of them used in combo work great for carrying a bike backpack style.  One alone works as a carrying strap as well.

I have an extremely limited stock of these.  After that, I'm sewing some.  Laugh if you like at the retro 1990's colors but, they are functional.

Original Lift One Ski Carrier

Hands free skibike carrying

Folds compactly

Padded shoulder strap

Velcro attachment

New in box condition

Colors: neon green, teal (one unit)

Price: $5.00  + shipping.  Colorado residents add 2.9% tax


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