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Footprints for Lenz Sport Big Fat Skidders, Rippers, Conniption Stix, Super Big Fat Skidders, Commanders, SB10's are not pictured.

How to make a footprint for your skis.

Skibike booties and covers

Protect your skis and vehicle interior

Skibike skis can damage your vehicles interior or leak melting snow everywhere.  The bases and edges can also get beat up by road chemicals and debris.  Long transports from the parking lot to the base area can also bang up the edges and lead to gouged bases. 

Give your ski edges and bases some protection from all these hazards.   Skibike booties are made from durable coated 500 or 1000 Denier Cordura┬«  canvas and lined on the bottom and edges with thick rubberized matting. Sold by the pair.

Just slip the front of the cover over the front of the ski.  Then just zip up the zipper on the back of the cover. Sturdy #8 coil zipper.

The covers can be made for any brand or model of skibike ski.  I have patterns for all Lenz Sport skis. SkiByk covers are now available. Sledgehammer when I can get a tracing.  For all other skis  I'll need a tracing of the ski footprint of both front and back skis if they are different.  The front and back of the binding locations will also need to be marked.  Watch the video below and see how to do this.

I'm currently making Lenz Sport covers with coated 500D gray Cordura canvas.  SkiByk and Sledgehammer covers are made with coated 1000D black Cordura canvas.  Price is determined by ski size for a pair of front/rear ski covers, plus applicable taxes, shipping, and VAT.  Shipping is available to Canada, a number of European countries, and New Zealand.    Payment via PayPal. Venmo is coming.  Please allow 4 days to two weeks for sewing covers.  Turnaround may be longer if I have a ton of orders in the queue.

Please ask for a quote before sending payment.  I can offer two different USPS international mailing services.  Neither is inexpensive for international destinations.  Delivery can take 4-8 weeks for international destinations.  I don't know why - just one of the mysteries of the Post Office.  If you would like quicker shipping (that offers tracking), that is available thru UPS or other services.

Due to recent internet tax law changes, I need to calculate taxes based on ship-to address.  Of course, no service seems to be able to do that with this website software.  Please ask for an invoice/quote at watertigerenterprisesLLC (at)   Thank you for understanding.