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Skibike Handlebar Covers

Add some style to your bike

Many ski bike manufacturers use solid colors for their handlebar covers.  They're functional but hey, we like to personalize our bikes.  You can up the bling factor with a custom cover.

If your old cover is getting torn up, get a new one.   Don't let your baby look run down.

My handlebar covers are custom cut from your original handlerbar design.  I'll need you to mail it to me.  Lenz Sport uses a variety of handlebar patterns so I'll still need your original.   Don't worry quick turn-arounds are do-able.   With prior arrangement I'll make one as you wait or hit up one of the many new local craft breweries. 

Price:  $35.00 plus shipping.

Colorado residents add 2.9% sales tax

Available colors:

Black and White Checkerboard  -  it won't make you fast but it looks cool.

Original Plain Black

Some random custom fabric you like is welcome too.   You'll need to mail it to me.  Contact me for further requirements.